Announcing the SAA Jam 2012

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A few months ago, I posted that I was trying to gauge interest level in a open jam at this year’s All-Attendee Reception at the SAA Annual Meeting in San Diego. I’m pleased to announce that there was sufficient interest and enthusiasm for the idea and the event will indeed be happening! A special thank you to SAA Executive Director Nancy Beaumont for her support.

A small group of musicians has come together as a pick-up band for this event, but more musicians are always welcome! If you are interested in participating and can bring your instrument with you (particularly if you are local and can bring equipment that is hard to travel with) please get in touch with me by dropping a comment on this blog, or at my email address: hillel dot arnold at gmail dot com.

If you’re not a musician, but still want to help shape this event, drop on by the SAA Jam 2012 Suggestitron (thanks to Mark Matienzo for helping to make this happen) and let us know what songs you’d like to hear at the event by adding suggestions and voting on other people’s suggestions. Although there is no guarantee that a song you suggest will be played (due to limits on musical ability and instrumentation, as well as my vehement hatred of songs named “Free Bird”) the songs you suggest will help us know what kind of songs the audience wants to hear.

Look forward to seeing you all in San Diego!