Artifact of the Month

Artifact of the month

Signed J. Keir Hardie portrait card. This guy was a huge hero of my grandad, and it’s not hard to see why.

“The Labour movement is an attempt to enable the working class to realize itself, its thoughts, and its aspirations. At present the People is a formless, shapeless, and voiceless mass, or at best, ‘An infant waiting for the light, and with no language but a cry.’ We will change all this by developing the self-respect and manhood of the workers, and placing Labour so strongly on its feet that it will be able to stand alone without the aid of political crutches, whether these be called Liberal or Conservative. As John Stuart Mill pointed out, the working class is the Nation, upon which the so-called upper classes are but parasitic growths. The Labour movement will dethrone the parasites and put the Nation in Power.”