Woody Rediscovered

A couple of month ago, I guested on an episode of “Woody’s Children” hosted by the irrepressible Bob Sherman with my good friends Anne Price and Steve Suffet. Although the show aired on January 20th, I just recently managed to get my hands on the audio (hey WFUV, how about updating your website so it doesn’t look so 80’s-tastic. And what’s the point of having an “archive” if there’s nothing in it? Just askin’).

Listening to it now, most of all I am relieved that I don’t sound as stupid as I felt (especially when I couldn’t answer Bob’s question about John L. Lewis, over which I am still kicking myself) and that any of the umpteen flubs I made apparently didn’t translate themselves into discernible mistakes. All in all, I think I acquitted myself quite well.

I’m posting the whole thing below, and since I’m still figuring out how to do this whole audio embedding thing, I’m going to leave it all as one track, and provide you with the song list below.

02:10: Peace Call (Anne, Steve, me)

10:41: Dance Around My Atom Fire (me)

19:15: Why Do You Stand There in the Rain? (Steve)

22:30: one of the most embarrassing moments of my life (yup, all me)

24:38: That Good Old Union Feeling (Steve)

28:15: Ticky Tock (Anne)

38:42: Blood of the Lamb (me)

48:16: 66 Highway Blues (Steve)

50:20: Come When I Call You (Anne)