Today's Debs

Today's Debs

The proposition is here made to put an end to war by democratizing war. In all the history of the world THE PEOPLE have never declared a war.

A constitutional amendment providing that no war shall be declared except by a vote of the people and that, as Allan Benson has suggested, if war is declared they who voted for it shall be the first to go to the front would put an end to war forever in this country.

Woman, although the most vital factor in war and its most keenly suffering victim, has always been contemptuously ignored when war has been declared. Give woman the ballot on equal terms with man in every state of this union and a mighty advance will have been made toward driving the horrible scourge of war from the face of the earth.

The earth is filled with its bounties; there is light in every brain and good in every heart. Let us rejoice that we live at a time when old wrongs are being uprooted and new rights being proclaimed; when the night is passing and the better day is dawning; when all shall join rapturously in the divine anthem “” “PEACE ON EARTH AND GOODWILL TOWARD MEN.”

-from “Peace on Earth”