Today's Debs

Today's Debs

It is of little use to cry out against war while we tolerate a social system that breeds war.

Capitalism makes war inevitable. Capitalist nations not only exploit their workers but ruthlessly invade, plunder, and ravage one another. The profit system is responsible for it all. Abolish that, establish industrial democracy, produce for use, and the incentive to war vanishes. Until then men may talk about “Peace on earth” but it will be a myth “” or sarcasm.

But there is no cause for despair. The world is awakening and we are approaching the sunrise.

We cannot stop the European war. We can and will intervene when the time comes and do all in our power to restore peace. To end the war prematurely, were that possible, would simply mean another and perhaps even a bloodier catastrophe.

Let us show the people the true cause of war. Let us arouse a sentiment against war. Let us teach the children to abhor war.

-from “Peace on Earth”