Today's Debs

Today's Debs

Agitation is the order of nature. Nature abhors quiet as it does a vacuum.

Someone may object and point to the “everlasting hills” in proof of their theory, forgetful of the fact that the hills are the product of agitation.

The sea is never still. The tides forever ebb and flow. The “dead calm” presages the storm. Air in motion is the demand.

The peacefully disposed, the quiet, inert, lethargic souls, those who glory in stagnation, have never had their way. Nature prefers agitation, hence the hurricane, the tornado, the cyclone, the lighting, and the thunderbolt; hence the volcano and the earthquake. Call them evils, it matters not, they are a ceaseless protest against stagnation.

Men cry “peace,” but there is no peace. The elemental war goes on. Indeed, those who clamor for peace are agitators.

The pulpit is an agitator. The wranglers over creeds and dogmas are perhaps the most persistent of all agitators; the bedrock idea being that a wrong exists which must be found and exterminated.

All explorers, pathfinders, in religion, morals, science, government, geography, in any and every department of human affairs, are agitators. They are seldom or never popular in the beginning of their labors. Their fate, as a rule, is to suffer derision, contumely, neglect, and poverty, often penalties still more severe; the exception only vindicates the rule.

-from “Agitation and Agitators”