Today's Debs

Today's Debs

There is not a plutocrat in America who does not profess belief in and love for democracy. In his heart he despises it.

Democracy is a dreadfully abused term. Like liberty, it has to weep often for the crimes committed in its name.

If by democracy we understand the people, the whole people, their absolute sovereignty, their collective freedom and their self-government, then there is no real democracy in the world.

The American people, especially the ruling class, boast of our “democratic” government and our “free” institutions, a delusion as great and deceptive as was ever harbored in the brain of man, for here, beneath the stars and stripes, as in foreign monarchies we have class rule and class institutions, and ours is not one white more a “democratic” government or a “free” people than are the nations of the old world in which they still have a king or an emperor or Mikado who holds office for live instead of a president whose term is renewed every four years.

It matters not what the form of government, if capitalism prevails the great body of the people are in servitude and the government in such a system can no more be democratic than could a wolf give birth to a lamb. Capitalism is capitalism under any external form of political rule and it is the misfortune of the great majority of the people in this country that they allow themselves to be deceived by their masters and exploiters into believing that the United States government has established “free” institutions for the benefit of the people. At the time of this writing the ruling class are trying to persuade us through their press and their pulpit, their colleges and their courts that we are engaged in a war for “democracy.” It is absolutely false. Nothing could be farther from the intention of Wall street than to democratize the nations of the old world. If it had any such intention it would better begin the work right here at home.

“Fighting for Democracy” is simply a catch-phrase, the slogan adopted by Wall street for marshalling the workers of this country into slaughter for the perpetuation of its own despotic and criminal misrule.

As a matter of fact the International Socialist Movement is the only one that is fighting for democracy and fighting to make it universal.

-from “Fighting for Democracy”