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Conscription, compulsory military service, murder by coercion, is the negation and repudiation of every fundamental principle of democracy and self-government. Its enactment into statutory law in the United States was not only unconstitutional, but amounted to a congressional crime excusable only on the ground that the plutocracy had to have it and what in hell are the people going to do about it!

The registration that followed conscription proved beyond question that the people are overwhelmingly opposed to it. Two-thirds of the registrations applied for exemption.

A viler insult that this was never offered to a supposedly free people by their supposed representatives.

Conscription can only stand if democracy falls. The two cannot live in the same house nor breathe the same atmosphere.

The same misrepresentatives of the people who foisted this piece of brutalizing legislation upon them were careful at the same time to exempt themselves from its beneficent provisions. Safety first for them. The bullets will not puncture their official salaries nor perforate their personal hides.

-from “What Conscription Means”