Our apologies, good friends...

Today is the 40th anniversary of the Catonsville Nine action. Not much has been said, at least that I’ve seen, aside from the usual suspects saying the usual things. So I thought I’d post a bunch of links, as an admittedly pathetic tribute to shat was, and still is, a moment that lives large in the imagination of the religious Left.

I wasn’t born in 1968, of course, but I know the echoes of that day are incredibly powerful to me, and helped define what activism was, or could be, for me. And so, without further ado…

First, there’s the ubiquitous YouTube video. Looking at this again, I was struck by how respectable everyone looks.


I came across this website, which warms the cockles of my little archivist heart.

A really great video of my good friend Frida (the daughter of Phil Berrigan and Liz McAlister) talking about the legacy her parents have left her.