Still here

I apologize for the silence here over the last few days. I’ve been exceptionally busy and focused on getting the last few pieces of the new Mermaids album recorded. We’re really, really excited about this record, and everyone who’s heard it is as well. A lot of people have asked me when it will be available, and the answer is that I don’t know. There’s still a lot of work to do; mixing, mastering, album artwork, figuring out how to release it in this brave new digital world. My best guess is sometime in the summer, but we’ll see. Whatever happens, we’re going to do this right, and we’re not going to half-ass it.

I also realize that I’ve been posting a lot on political stuff, so I’ll try to write on some other things soon. For some reason (and really, there are so many) I’ve found myself becoming increasingly incensed by the crap a lot of people are spewing right now. But I’m not giving in to that odious mixture of fear and pessimism that is oh so enticing.

In other news, Helen Mirren totally hit on my girlfriend, and I am totally cool with it. It’s important to know when you’ve met your match.

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