Measure for Measure

Every once in a while the New York Times gets it right, like when they hand over the reins to someone with something interesting to say. I was just clued into this blog today (thanks Josh), and started reading back into the entries and came across Roseanne Cash’s post from April 5th, which contained these two gems of paragraphs:

On vacation recently, there were some Christian fundamentalists at lunch at the next table and I felt the tension and constriction of their religious beliefs wafting off them like a perfume. That is my own projection, I’m sure, but I thought of something a friend used to say about that particular brand of religion “” that it was like “looking at the ground with a flashlight when the whole universe was around you waiting to be noticed.” Walking to the beach later, I was thinking about how my own idea of God was so mutable, and that even though I pray, most of the time I haven’t a clue to whom I’m praying.

And I like it that way. Sometimes God is Art, Music and Children and that is more than good enough. Ruminating on these things, I thought of a phrase “” “the pantheon of my religious desires” “” and I wrote it in my notebook. That line is probably too sophomore-English-major precious, but this is how songs begin for me. Sometimes.

Yes. Just yes.