Last Plane to Jakarta

In the course of my daily web-wanderings, I ran across the blog of Mountain Goats frontman John Darnielle, Last Plane to Jakarta (great name, by the way). All I have to say is that if you haven’t heard about this, you need to check it out and/or subscribe immediately. If my word isn’t good enough (and really, it shouldn’t be) take a look at the most recent post:

Trend seems to be afoot amongst a certain subsegment of our indie backyard (its unfortunate press-designated genre name rhymes with “bleak yolk”) toward pseudo-“found” sound/field recordings as textures/voices within songs. Hey, cool, that’s fine and potentially interesting or neat. But you wanna know what nobody gives a shit about? The sound of you choppin’ wood or stirring gravel in the driveway, in your thrift-store vest and your Whitman beard an’ all. I know, I know: some of the greatest music ever made was improvised, it’s important not to stand in your own way. It is also important to know the difference between an outtake and an album track. That is all, you may now go back to listening to your SMiLE boots like they were transmissions from the heart of the Godhead or something.

Just wow is all.