Fact and fiction

It tells you something when I had a brief (really brief) moment of “can this really be true?

Back in the States, in a move that has been anticipated for weeks, Miley Cyrus was awarded a MacArthur Genius Grant for her work as Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana. The MacArthur foundation heaped praise on the singer for her contributions to “the advancement of syncretic metafiction,” describing the singer, real name Destiny Hope Cyrus, as a “a web of multiple identities, the first true post-human creation of the digital age.”

I’d like to think it has less to do with my gullibility than the ever-increasing possibilities for the most unbelievable crap to happen. I mean, really, when we have an administration in office who blatantly lied (connection to Al Quaeda - no; weapons of mass destruction - no; Osama Bin Laden - no; spreading democracy - do I really need to go there?) to get us into a war that’s completely ruined the economy and massacred every shred of credibility this country has had and there seem to be absolutely no consequences for this, then Hannah Montana being a genius isn’t so implausible.