Fun with the NY Times

from an Alex Balk post: “Either the Times thinks its audience is full of effete retards or I am just, finally, really old.”

Don’t worry, Mr. Balk. You’re not old, at least not yet, based on the evidence provided in this comment to an article titled “Not Highfalutin, but Highly Satisfying Indulgences:”

“A relatively recent recording of conductors’s transcriptions of Bach organ works, conducted by Leonard Slatkin, would be near the top of my playlist. Then, purists be damned (and you all know who you are…), there’s the Sitkovetsky transcription of the Goldberg Variations, on Nonesuch. And in a similar vein, there’s Lenny’s politically incorrect VPO recordings of two late Beethoven quarters, Opp. 131 and 135. And will someone please give us a modern recording of Felix Weingartner’s transcription of the Hammerklavier Sonata? I can’t get enough of recordings of the “Last Night of the Proms.”