Charlie Rose interviews

I was alerted to these excerpts of interviews that Charlie Rose conducted for his show on the five-year anniversary of the Disaster Formerly Known as Operation Enduring Freedom (more like Operation Endure My Freedom).

There are definitely more than a few highlights here, to wit:

SINAN ANTOON: But looking around, you know, if the United States was interested in democracy, it would maybe topple Saudi Arabia. Why go to Iraq?

CHARLIE ROSE: So we have a credibility problem when we talk about…

SINAN ANTOON: The United States has always it, and in the last five years it’s lost any credibility it might have had, I think. And this is – this is not controversial. This is what people write in the Middle East, and you can read it, and it’s based on sound material and reality. It’s not ideological.

CHARLIE ROSE: OK. Projecting forward, what’s necessary for the United States to change that perception and that really?

SINAN ANTOON: Well, we`re assuming that the United States wants to change that perception.

Zing! And this:

And it’s a crime after five years that electricity is not back to prewar levels, because Saddam Hussein, who was a dictator I detested, was able to have electricity back in 45 days. So, why is the United States not having achieved that in five years? It’s not just miscalculations.

And my personal favorite:

ALI FADHIL: You are – the Americans in Iraq are like a virus, like a disease. And for us we need to get rid of the Americans, because the Americans just don’t know what they’re doing.

Needless to say, poor little Charlie Rose gets all bent out of shape, which just adds to the fun.

Thanks to Craig for the heads up.