A B.A. in dope? Really?

As one of my co-workers put it, “Lou Reed is like a cartoon to me.” I hate to say it, but I agree…

“People say, “˜How would you know that?’” Reed said, after Willner asked him to recite some verses of his poignant “Rock Minuet.” “You’re joking right? I have a BA in dope. But a PhD in soul.”

Seriously, Lou? If you have to tell me you have an advanced degree in soul, well…you don’t (entire article here).

Also came across this apt description in, of all places, Mother Jones:

Lou Reed reminds me a little bit of my grandmother. He’s old, he’s got bad posture and a New York accent, and he’s a little pessimistic. But if you stick around long enough, he’ll offer up some keen insight and make you laugh.